Simple Steps to Wellness & Self Care

Commit to Wellness One Joyful (Simple) Step at a Time

We think small to go big. We love your commitment to you. And we happen to think that your commitment to your wellness should be a long, happy string of bite-sized, delicious acts.

What makes you tick on your quest to be healthier, happier, and stronger? When do you feel most alive — and most grateful? 

We’re betting what comes to mind are the littlest, sweetest moments in life. These small moments of goodness — the perfect cup of tea, an unexpected birthday card in the mailbox — are what build momentum and bring us real joy. Here at Act of Wellness, we want to celebrate the little things with you, as a community of wellness warriors, one act at a time. 

Our luxe line of wellness products is rooted in some very savvy science, so it’s not just pampering — it’s smart self-care.

Welcome to Wellness: It’s Great to Meet You!

But let’s back up: We’re Anne Silsby and Michael D’Arminio, founders of Act of Wellness. 


Together, we’ve got combined experience of more than 50 years working in the consumer goods industry. Fifteen of those years were spent in the beauty and wellness space, working for amazing brands like Vera Wang, Unilever, and Philosophy. 


We became fast friends and embarked on a genuine passion project. We decided to create an amazing product line of our own, one that celebrates the joy we’d both found in taking small steps toward our own personal wellness goals. And we knew just where we wanted to start: the brain-skin connection.


We were fascinated by recent scientific research documenting a very special connection between our minds and our skin cells. We were amazed to learn that the topical use of certain plant extracts and other naturally sourced ingredients can cause a positive shift in mood — in much the same way that our bodies create happy serotonin after a bite of delicious chocolate! 


So we set out to create a line of products that could light up our skin’s “happiness receptors,” to add an extra pop of happy to daily skincare. Using smart skin science and some serious innovation, we’ve created Act of Wellness for you. We think you’ll enjoy our next-level skincare — and we hope our products will spark joy that’s far more than just skin deep.  

Wellness Wisdom: Smart Skincare Backed By Science is the Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential


After all, our skin is the largest organ of the human body. Smart skin science? It’s kind of our thing.


And our skin craves attention and care just like we do. Smart skincare is a key component of any wellness strategy — and we’re passionate about creating products that are packed with superpowers sourced from nature, ingredients that tap into the amazing brain-skin connection scientists have discovered.

Brain-skin research continues, and we’re paying close attention. But here are the findings in a nutshell: It turns out our skin gets extra happy when we feed it natural ingredients full of phyto-endorphins. (That’s plant-based happy molecules, for all of us non-scientists.) 


In other words, when used topically, amazing plant extracts such as monk’s pepper berry extract and arctic root can tap into our feel-good receptors via our skin cells, thanks to their beta-endorphins. Monk’s pepper berry boosts collagen, too, and arctic root offers amazing antioxidant benefits. Pretty cool, right? That’s why we’re harnessing all that plant goodness to create a truly next-level line of wellness products that make you feel fab, inside and out. 


And did we mention: All of our products are vegan-formulated, cruelty-free, and made in sunny California from globally sourced ingredients.

Wellness is a Journey! Enjoy the Ride — Speed Bumps, Simple Steps, and All!


Here at Act of Wellness, we believe your well-being is much more of a three steps forward, two steps back journey — with room for mistakes as well as plenty of joy. 


Fall off the path to wellness? No problem. Get back on track tomorrow. And be nice to you. And don’t forget, little pleasures (like our hero, Euphoric Exfoliation) help you feel lighter when the load is heavy. 


We’re all just doing our best to be better, to do better. It’s a lifelong conversation with yourself and the world around you. And each little act of wellness you give to yourself — or to the ones you love — sparks happiness that sticks around, even on those days when you feel like you’re going backwards.  


We hope our joyful products will be a tiny life raft for you on rough days and a treat on your best days. Let us know what your go-to act of wellness is — we’re at and we’d love to hear from you.  

The Faces Behind Act of Wellness

Anne Silsby

Anne is a Midwest native and marketing pro with a lifelong passion for wellness. She’s worked as both a brand expert and product developer for numerous top skincare and fragrance lines. In time, Anne realized what her favorite brands all had in common: They all inspired true connection and belonging — and sparked genuine joy. When she’s not creating amazing new products for Act of Wellness, she can be found spending time with her husband and her sons, whipping up delicious things in the kitchen, and playing fun sports.

Michael D’Arminio

A native of Long Island, Michael worked his way through college at the beauty counter of his local department store. He quickly realized that connecting with customers over skincare and cosmetics was his calling, and Michael built a career working in marketing and product development for some of the world’s beauty and wellness giants, such as Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Unilever. Michael loves traveling the world — and enjoyed a three-year pit stop in Paris. He’s a big fan of contemporary art, as well as a hardcore foodie. His culinary adventures are kept in check with daily walking and exercise.